What Jobs Can You Get With Your Criminal Justice Degree?

With a criminal justice degree, you can pursue various careers in the criminal justice system and related fields. Some common job options include becoming a police officer, detective, probation officer, correctional officer, forensic science technician, legal assistant, or paralegal. Additionally, you may explore roles in law enforcement administration, homeland security, private security, or social services. The specific job opportunities available to you will depend on your interests, skills, and additional certifications or specializations you acquire.

Here Are Some Jobs You Can Pursue With A Criminal Justice Degree:

  • Police Officer: As a police officer, you’ll be responsible for maintaining law and order, responding to emergency calls, conducting investigations, and patrolling assigned areas to prevent crime.
  • Detective: Detectives work within law enforcement agencies to investigate and solve complex criminal cases.
  • Probation Officer: Probation officers supervise individuals who have been placed on probation instead of serving time in jail. They help offenders reintegrate into society, monitor their progress, and enforce court-ordered conditions.
  • Correctional Officer: Working in correctional facilities, these officers oversee inmates, maintain order, and ensure that rules and regulations are followed within the prison system.
  • Forensic Science Technician: Forensic science technicians collect, analyze, and interpret physical evidence from crime scenes. They use scientific techniques to help law enforcement solve criminal cases.
  • Legal Assistant/Paralegal: Legal assistants or paralegals support lawyers by conducting legal research, preparing documents, organizing case files, and assisting in trial preparations.
  • Law Enforcement Administrator: This role involves supervisory and administrative duties within law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement administrators manage budgets, personnel, and departmental operations.
  • Homeland Security Officer: A Homeland security officers work to protect the country from potential threats, such as terrorism, cybercrimes, and natural disasters. They may be employed by government agencies or private organizations.
  • Private Security Officer: Private security officers work for private companies, individuals, or organizations to protect property, assets, and people. They may be responsible for surveillance, access control, and emergency response.
  • Social Services Worker: With a criminal justice degree, you can work in social services, helping individuals and families in need, especially those affected by crime or involved in the justice system.


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These are just a few examples, and there are many other career paths within the criminal justice field. Depending on your interests and specialization, you may find opportunities in victim advocacy, crime analysis, forensic psychology, and more. Continuing education, certifications, and gaining relevant experience can also open doors to more specialized roles.

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