(Watch video) Lady spotted tw3rk!ng in her wḛt cloths

A lady causes a commotion among users of social media after uploading a video of herself tw3king to the internet.

After a video of a woman shaking her enormous nyash while posting to social media was shared on Instagram, users of social media platforms could not stop talking about it.

The woman’s seductive dance that she performed on Instagram has captured the attention of a large number of users, which has resulted in a significant number of people watching the video that was posted there.

The lady showed off her twerking skills in the video by dancing to a popular song from Nigeria while wearing a white costume that had been dipped in water to make the clothes wet. The song was by a Nigerian artist who is well-known.

Many people are under the impression that she filmed herself drooling and then uploaded the clip onto social media in order to gain fame.

Watch the video that is provided below.


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