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“This culture should be ban, See how they’re exposing Kpekus in front of small Kids ” —Uproar as South African Ladies dancing the Zulu dance without Pænts flashes their raw Kpekus (video)

A popular social media video depicts women dancing [email protected] in the street of Pretoria, South Africa.

These South African women draw attention on social media after a video of them dancing [email protected] in public was posted. Internet users questioned whether the girls had proper home training.

See what people are saying about this video.

@Phezulu ‘’visual representation of their men flashing back to their days of youth.

@Kika ‘’this is VUSI MA R5 performing with naked girls in Pretoria, this thing is normal in tarvan.

@ZhanaZee ‘’the kids are seeing all, seeing all this nonsense daily I become more and more ashamed of being a woman in this country.

@Chika ‘’am just concerned about their kids currently at school. With other kids seeing their mothers showing it publicly.

@JMR ‘’The world is watching this happening in South Africa. What is going on? What happened to the moral regeneration project?


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